Felton Borough


Felton Borough was incorporated as a borough on May 8, 1899. It derived its name from a man
who was affiliated with the group of financiers who planned the railroad and began constructing
it in 187 4. It was first known as The York and Peach Bottom Railway and eventually became the
Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad.

Felton Borough was made possible by the annexation of portions of Chanceford Township, North
Hopewell Township and Windsor Township. The Borough acreage totaled 0.41 square miles. Its
population in 1900 was 226 and in 1990 the census tabulated 453 persons.

The Borough’s first Chief Burgess was Charles W. Moore. The office was later designated as
Mayor. Charles E. Sentz is the present Mayor. Mr. John S. Hannigan was the first President of Council.

By adoption of an ordinance April 3, 1922, authorization was given to have electricity extended into the borough. The Metropolitan-Edison Company extended the service into Felton in 1923.

The first voting place was in a small building on the Tyson property. Later it was moved to a
small building in the rear of the Mill and then to the Fire Engine House.

Two streams run through the borough, namely Pine Run and Muddy Creek. Under the leadership of L. E. Sentz, who served as President of Borough Council for many years, work was done on Pine Run to stabilize its banks.

Mr. Joseph Michaels was Felton Borough Engineer for a number of years. After his decease,
the Borough Council appointed the firm of C. S. Davidson, Inc. of York as its Engineer.

A small park was established in the center of town and Mrs. C. C. Seitz volunteered her services
for many years in scheduling picnics, Memorial Day Services, etc. The original monument honoring
war veterans was constructed locally and placed in the park.

Various streets were paved as funds became available. High Street was paved over a period
in 1929 and 1930.

In 1883,the first school building was built. An addition to this building was erected in 1902 to
accommodate the growing population. Felton Borough later became a part of Red Lion Area School
District and in 1955-56 the school was no longer needed. It was eventually razed and the property
was sold to Bethany Church.

Following World War II, the original monument was removed and a new memorial was erected
to honor and remember all veterans who served and those who paid the supreme sacrifice during

There are 3 small bridges over our two main streams flowing through the borough, also 1 county bridge and 3 borough bridges.

The tax millage is presently .05 mills on real estate, $5.00 per capita tax, 1/20/o realty transfer
tax, and 1/20/o York County Earned Income Tax.

Felton Borough belongs to the York County Boroughs Association and Pennsylvania State Borough
Association from which essential information is received.

Felton Borough has an ordinance prohibiting dogs and cats from running at large, habitually barking or howling during certain hours, depositing excreta upon property of others and being present in any public park or playground; Declaring such prohibited conduct to be a public nuisance and prescribing penalties for the violation thereof. The borough also prohibits the playing of sports on the borough playgrounds on Sundays.

The officials of Felton Borough are: Kathryn Shultz, Secretary (non-member),· David Myers, President; Jerry Sentz, council person; Charles Sentz, Mayor; Chari,es Grove, council person; Louise Naugle, council person; St,e-phen Bright, council person. Gary McBrien, Vice President; John Trout, council person.

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