Felton Borough

Alliance Fire and Rescue Services

During 2020 Alliance Fire & Rescue Services answered the call for 332 EMS Calls and 801 Fire Calls. Besides running calls, members manned both stations for a total of 7,583 hours and were available for duty from home for 4,246 hours, for a total of 11,829 volunteer hours. Those numbers speak for themselves and with that in mind; a primary goal of our merger was to take the tremendous burden of fundraising and administrative functions off our firefighters. The only way to achieve this goal is with your assistance, support and dedication.

Have you ever thought about serving your community? The Alliance Fire & Rescue Service needs your support and dedication.  Your assistance is needed in a wide variety of non-firefighting positions. Dedicated volunteers are needed in non-operational areas to include: fundraising, mail retrieval, finance, administration, building maintenance to name but a few.  If interested and you believe that you are ready for the challenge, please call 717-244-8811 or email President Richard Sterner at president@alliancefireandrescue.org  for more information.

Alliance Fire & Rescue Services

61 Main Street Felton, PA, 17322

Phone: (717) 246-3892

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